Viet Hai Village

Located in the core area of Cat Ba National Park, Viet Hai Village seems to be separate from the outside world. Once visiting the village, tourists will be lost in the pure, the peace, and the carefree of the nature and be indulged in the immense space of high mountains, luxuriant forests, and blue sky.
Viet Hai Village belongs to Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City. Approximately 10 kilometers from Cat Ba Town as the crow flies, Viet Hai Village is surrounded by high mountain ranges and a dense forest of Cat Ba National Park. This is a reason why the village is considered as an oasis, which is isolated from the rest of Cat Ba Island. There are two ways to get to Viet Hai Village. The easiest way is to take a 45-minute boat ride from Cai Beo Wharf in Cat Ba Town and pass through Lan Ha Bay to reach the destination. The second way is only suitable for those who love trekking or adventure tourism. By this way, you have to walk through primary forest and follow an adventurous trail with many steep cliffs, deep gorges, and quagmires.

Previously, Viet Hai Village was almost separate from the outside world. Nowadays, Viet Hai villagers has still well-preserved their “primitive life”. The villagers here are so honest and warm-hearted that they never have to lock their door when going out. In addition, the people here often leave their motorbikes in any corners of the village and never take out the keys. Other people can optionally use these motorbikes without asking its owners provided that they will return it to its original location. It will not be exaggerated to say that Viet Hai Village is almost clean with all kinds of social evils. It was the kindness, sincerity, and hospitability that attracted an increasing number of travelers visiting the village each year.

Viet Hai is one of very few villages in Vietnam still preserving its ancient beauty of traditional villages in the North Delta. The village has more than 70 old houses lying dormant under luxuriant orchards. The old houses were made from simple materials such as bamboo, mud, and straw. Not far from Cat Ba Town, however, Viet Hai Village has the quiet and peaceful ambience, which is totally contrast to the world of colored lights and boisterous atmosphere in Cat Ba Town. Located in the deep valley on an outback, the village is an ideal destination for those who love eco-tourism. Once visiting Viet Hai, travelers will never forget about a poor village having deeply humane and special cultural characteristics. 

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