Maze cave (Me Cung cave)

In all the caves of Halong bay, Hang Me Cung or Me Cung cave is a beautiful one. Hang Me Cung (Maze cave) is located on an island named Lom Bo about 2 km in the southwest of Ti Top beach (Bai Tam Ti Top), Ti Top island (Dao Ti Top), at a height of 25 m above sea level.

Looking from a distance, the entrance of the cave like a house roof carve deep into the slopes of the island.  Walk up over the stone steps on cliff, have a stone roof which dry and airy, a thick stream of Melina snails spread over floor. Formerly this layer of snails were very thick, up to 1.2 m was fossil floor at the outside. Recently discovered a fossil of animal bones. Hang Me Cung (Maze grotto) was identified by the archaeologists as one of the sites of pre Halong culture, early Neolithic from 7,000 to 10,000 years to today.

Go inside the Maze cave (Hang Me Cung), visitors are seemingly entering the palace of a Persian king and the buzz here to make visitors think as it is the voice of Seheharat are told the story a thousand and one nights to her king. On the island have many species of the old tree reflected to the water… This is also the habitat of birds and animals such as monkeys, langurs, chamois, lizards…

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