Lan Ha Bay

Being well-known for the peaceful Van Gia Floating Fishing Village, the unspoiled and isolated Viet Hai Village, the picturesque Monkey Island, many alluring beaches, karst islands, and impressive caves, Lan Ha Bay is an attractive destination for beach holidays.

Located to the south of Halong Bay and to the east of Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay covers an area of over 7,000 hectares. It features around 400 islets and islands in various shapes and sizes. Being different from Halong Bay’s, from large islands to extremely small islets of Lan Ha Bay, all are coated in the green color of luxuriant vegetation. The density of limestone mountains here is quite thick, dividing the sea surface into many unexplored coves. There are hundreds of mountains in different shapes depending on the imagination of travelers. Interestingly, these mountains are named after its shapes, for example, Hon Doi (Bat Mountains), Hon Guoc (Clog Mountain). Besides, Lan Ha Bay also owns stunning caves like Ham Rong Cave, Do Cung Cave, and Ca Cave.

Lan Ha Bay has up to 130 beautiful and golden sandy beaches, many of them stretch between two mountains creating the ideal space for swimming. Under the clear and deep blue sea waters of Van Boi Beach and Van Ha Beach, there are a number of multi-colored coral reefs. In addition, the tranquil waters in Sen Island, Cu Island, and Khi Island (Monkey Island) are also pretty favorable for snorkeling and admiring the impressive beauty of corals. Being endowed by the nature with blue sky, crystal-like and emerald waters, and attractive beaches, Lan Ha Bay is a not-to-miss place for those who love water sports like kayaking, swimming, boat rowing, paddling, and snorkeling.

Being less known than Halong Bay, however, Lan Ha is one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam. If you want to stay away from the crowd, Lan Ha Bay is a better option than Halong Bay. Lan Ha Bay is the most picturesque when autumns comes. Visiting Lan Ha Bay at this time, travelers have a great opportunity to enjoy the pleasant sunshine, the gentle breezes, and the majestic seascapes. Nonetheless, any time of a year is suitable for a visit to Lan Ha Bay thanks to its all-year-round cool climate. The tourist season in Lan Ha Bay is often divided into two distinct periods: from April to October for domestic tourists and from November to March for international travelers. 


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