How to get to Halong Bay

Thanks to its beautiful landscapes, Ha Long Bay is one of the most attractive place for tourist in Vietnam. Nowadays, getting to Ha Long from anywhere in Vietnam and other countries is much easier than the past. If you are a foreign traveler, who is visiting Vietnam for the first time, you can fly to Hanoi international airport then taking a road trip to Ha Long. Ha Long City is located about 180 km from Hanoi so it takes around 3-4 hours driving to move from Hanoi to go there. There are some different ways getting Ha Long city for you to choose.
Renting a private car: You can book a private car through a travel agent. The driver will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off at Ha Long. The depart time is often 8 - 9 a.m. This way is convenient and flexible because you can stop your private car any time for photographs or taking a rest. The price ranges from 85-200$ depending on types of vehicle, such as 7-seater car, 16-seater van or 29-seater bus. If you want to enjoy the comfort and luxury services, 7-seater Limousine van maybe a perfect choice with comfortable soft seats, free wifi, free mineral water, and USB socket. The price is around per person for one way. You can share the car with others or buy all car seats if you like.
Cruise bus/Mini bus: Booking a tour that includes two-way transfer can be the easiest way to travel from Hanoi to Ha Long. You will be picked up and dropped off by a bus, which is arranged by your travel company.
Catch a bus from big terminals: To go to Ha Long City, you also can catch a high quality bus from big terminals in Hanoi like My Dinh Bus Station, Gia Lam Bus Station and Luong Yen Terminal with the price for one way ticket is around - depending on different bus companies. You can buy a ticket at any time from 6h00 to 20h00. Most buses will stop at Bai Chay Terminal. After that, you need to take a taxi or motorbike taxi (xe om) to Bai Chay Harbor and it will costs you about ContentAdmin-. 
To be honestly, third option is not encouraged if you are foreign travelers. If you catch a bus by yourself, you may face with some problems such as language barrier, getting lost, being scammed, or overcharge for the ticket price. Therefore, booking a tour is the best way because it is safe and comfortable when your travel company will arrange everything to you. 

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