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Halong Bay is a natural UNESCO world Heritage site just waiting for all tourists to explore. This 1 day tour from Hanoi is organized for travelers who have time limitation but still wish to enjoy the scenic Halong Bay in a day.
Rate from 72 per person
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Ha Long bay is one of the five World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. There are thousands of stone islands with marvelous shapes rising out of the sea. You can take a boat trip to see this wondrous landscape and stroll through some beautiful caves.

Although the name Halong Bay has made it to the world thanks to its world heritage title and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, not many people know about the mystery beneath that name. In ancient Vietnamese, Halong literally means “descending dragon” and it is originated from a legend of this ancient land.
The legend says that during the old time when the country was newly formed, Vietnamese had to fight against fierce invaders coming from the North through the sea. Feeling sorry for the country, The Jade Emperor sent the Mother Dragon and her children descending on earth to help ancient Vietnamese people defend the country.
While the mighty enemies were attacking the main land, The Mother Dragon and her children suddenly appeared and incinerated the enemies with their divine fire and giant emeralds. The emeralds from the dragon’s mouth were scattered around the battlefield on the sea and formed an invincible defensive wall that left enemy battleship fleet sinking. Thanks to the dragons, the Northern invaders were finally swept away and the peace finally came back the South East Asian country once again. After thousands of years, the wall of emerald turned into island and islets of different sizes and shapes.

After the battle, The Mother Dragon and her children didn’t come back to the heaven, but stayed in the mortal world and turned into human form and help people planting, cropping, raising cattle, reclaiming, and expanding the country.
To remember the help of Mother Dragon and her children, the people live there from generation to generation name the bay where the Mother Dragon descended “Ha Long or Halong” and the bay where her children descended “Bai Tu Long”, which means “Thanks to the Dragon’s children”. This legend is also a part of the general belief that Vietnamese people’s has Dragon’s origins.

Halong Bay has many links to the history of Vietnam. For example, there are such famous geographical sites as Van Don (site of an ancient commercial port), Poem Mountain (with engravings of many poems about emperors and other famous historical figures), and Bach Dang River (the location of two fierce naval battles fought against foreign aggressors).
It has been proven by scientists that Halong was one of the first cradles of human existence in the area at such archeological sites as Dong Mang, Xich Tho, Soi Nhu, and Thoi Gieng. It is also a region of highly-concentrated biological diversity with many ecosystems of salt water-flooded forests, coral reefs, and tropical forests featuring thousands of species of animal and plant life.
Thien Cung Cave
With all this in mind, the 18th meeting of the Committee of the World Heritages of UNESCO (in Thailand on December 17th, 1994), officially recognized Halong Bay as a natural heritage site of worldwide importance.
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Group Size 2 3-5 6-10 Single Sup
01st Oct 2017 to 30th Apr 2018 $ 145 $ 110 $ 95 N/A Book
01st May to 30th Sep, 2018 $ 145 $ 110 $ 95 N/A Book
Our driver and tour guide will pick the guests from their hotel in Old Quarter of Hanoi city. We will stop somewhere on the way to pick the guest up. The pick up time is from 8am – 8.30am. 
After picking up, our bus will departure to Halong bay. On the way, we stop about 20 minutes at Hai Duong province to do some personal needs. On the bus to Halong bay, our tour guide will introduce you more information about Vietnam, historical, culture…. and you will have a chance to exchange your travel experience. We will arrive to Halong bay at 12.00noon and check in the boat after registering.
Lunch is served on the boat while it is cruising to Halong bay. Before start for lunch, our tour guide will introduce you about Halong bay, some term and conditions…. On the way to Halong bay, the boat will cruise away to a lot of islands and islets. It’s time to take the great photos about the real time in Halong bay. Boat arrives to Halong bay at around 2.30pm and dock at Ba Hang floating village. Kayaking is prepared there. You will spend about 45 minutes – 1 hour kayaking around to see the little caves, islets and islands. You can go with your camera because it is safe. At around 3.15pm, you will get on the boat to cruise to see more islands, islets… By the ways, you will have more chance to take the unique photos and video. The boat will stop and dock at Thien Cung cave at 3.30pm. You will entrance to this cave and spend about 45 minutes to advanture colorly cave with thousands of shapes, great atmostphere and nice guide will lead you pass away to the cave. At around 4.15pm, you need to come back to the main boat following tour guide and cruise back to Halong pier. On the way back, our boat will cruise in different way with departure. Bus is waited for you at the pier to pick you up and transfer you back to Hanoi. The tour finishes at your hotel or your require point at about 8.30pm.
Private transfer with AC
Entrance & sightseeing fees
All meals on boat (Vietnamese set menu)
English speaking guide
Complimentary bottle of water
Service charges
Tips & Beverage, Personal expenses.
All things not mentioned above


Times of activities may vary slightly. Itinerary and Program subject to change when necessary or bad weather condition
Advanced reservation is required with full passenger details, including Full Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport Number, Visa Expiry Date etc.
A valid passport is required upon check-in on board..
What to bring: Swimming suites, sun glasses, insect repellent
Special requests on food (diet or vegetarian) please inform us before departure.
Group Size 2 3-5 6-10 Single Sup
01st Oct 2017 to 30th Apr 2018 $ 145 $ 110 $ 95 N/A
01st May to 30th Sep, 2018 $ 145 $ 110 $ 95 N/A

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Halong Bay is a natural UNESCO world Heritage site just waiting for all tourists to explore. This 1 day tour from Hanoi is organized for travelers who have time limitation but still wish to enjoy the scenic Halong Bay in a day.

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